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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Aiden's Baby Bib o' Love

Can I tell you how much I love Mason Dixon Knitting? The great thing about it is how it's inspired so many knitters to use it as a jumping off point to stretch their own creativity. So, here's my Mason Dixon inspired baby bib, made for my cousin Jennifer's new baby. Usually, when I want to give a little something handmade for a new baby, I'll whip up a little cotton hat, but since Jen lives in Florida, that wouldn't work. I have tons of leftover bits of Tahki Cotton Classic from many many baby sweaters (also using it to go a little miter-crazy), so I decided to make baby Aiden a little bib. I duplicated stitched a sailboat motif from Style your own Kids Knits -- I absolutely hate intarsia (more about that in a future post), found a very cute sailboat button that matched exactly, and voila! A perfect little gift.

Specs: Aiden's Baby Bib o' Love
Completed: July 2006
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic (less than 1 skein of the blue)
Needle: US4


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