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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Tale of Two Sweaters or why I Hate Intarsia, part 2

Of course, I couldn't make Itchy a sweater without making Scratchy one too. He wanted a dinosaur sweater, and my creative juices a-flowin', I decided to design it myself. I had a big dinosaur chart from a long-lost pattern, I went with turquoise cotton classic, with a lime green dinosaur with tweedy green/blue cotton classic for the spots. I started it with all good intentions right after I finished the pirate sweater, and then hit the wall. Couldn't decide on cuffs, neckline, just major indecision. It took a year of Scratchy saying "Mommy, when are you going to finish my dinosaur sweater?" (heartbreaking, right?) that I sucked it up, picked a path and finished it. Ok, but here's the crazy part: so turned off was I by intarsia on the pirate sweater that I duplicate stitched the entire dinosaur! I figured that it would look better (it did), cause me less agita (it did) and be quicker (it was). He loves it. Didn't wear it to school every day, but still loves it.

Specs: Scratchy's T-Rex Sweater
Began: Spring 2005?
Finished: Late Winter 2006
Yarn: Tahki Cotton classic and Tweedy cotton classic
Needles: US6


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