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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Picture Day

Tomorrow is picture day at school, and every year, I try to send the boys in something handmade. It's the only day I can get them to wear something other than sweatpants to school and the pictures always come out great, unlike the pictures I take!

Here they are in nursery school, March 2004, wearing cotton sweater vests, self-designed in Tahki Cotton Classic:

Nursery school again, September 2004, wearing the baseball sweaters made with Zara:

For tomorrow? Sweater vests again, made with Zara. Love this yarn! Show stitch definition beautifully, comes in fab colors, and machine washes like a dream. These are my own design, and trying to get that center cable just so was a bear. The other cables are different on each. They are pretty big, so I'm hoping to get a couple more years out of them


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