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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Wallarib, aka Stop Me Before I Wallaby Again

Months and months ago, I got some Cascasde 220 Quattro on closeout, and bought 2 skeins bright pink and 1 orange (sorry, ball bands long gone!) to make a little two-tone cardi for my niece E the Magnificent. Finished all the pieces, and then nothing. Just wasn't floating my boat. Flash forward several months, and I'm in the middle of my wallaby obsession. I've been itching to do a short sleeve version, to go over a long sleeve tee in the spring, and voila! Kill 2 birds with one stone -- clean out another UFO, and more wallabying!

Coincidentally, I happened to have some Trekking XXL that was a perfect match for the sweater, so I whipped her up a pair of socks to go with it. Kismet.

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby
Yarn: Cascade 220 Quattro
Needles: Addi US 6 for rib, US 8 for body, Clover dpn US 7 for sleeves
Mods: Ran the ribbing up to the top of the pocket for a more fitted, modern look; made the sleeves 5" with a generous ribbing that could be folded up if the sleeve turns out to be an awkward length on her. I was worried that I would run out of yarn if I did the hood one color, so I striped it.

Pattern: Just your basic 2x2 rib, stockinette leg
Yarn: Trekking XXL #05
Needles: Clover dpns US 1 (2.25mm)


Blogger Ramona said...

I was going through the Wallaby patterns on Ravelry and some how I ended up here. I absolutely love your Wallabys and I can't wait to start one for my son.

9:39 AM  

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