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Friday, January 26, 2007

If You Knew Sushi...

Is this the cutest or what? I finally cleared this out of the UFO pile. I'd finished the bag and 3 sushi back in the fall, and then for unknown reasons, it sat. And sat. But I'm on a mission to clear out the pile, so here it is. This little cutie, a kit from here, took no time at all to make (if you forget about the months I let it languish). I even did my first zipper installation without too much heartache. I have lots of sushi yarn left over, so with some extra Cascade 220 and a zipper from here, I can whip up a few more! I'm thinking adorable Valentine's Day gifts.

I have to say, I'm in love with these Pick Up Sticks patterns. They're well-written and so cute. I made this last year, for my Grandmother's birthay, in charcoal gray and fuschia (unfortunately forget to photograph), and in the last 2 days whipped up this out of some stash Cascade 220 (hopefully I'll finish and felt this weekend).

On another note, I just want to thank the people who've taken the time to comment on the blog this week. When I started this, I really just thought of it as a way to record and document the projects I've worked on (since I'm notoriously bad at taking notes). I'm sort of in a little knitting cocoon here, since none of my friends knit (although I think I've gotten my sister to swallow the Kool-Aid). Since I'm such a terrible photographer, I haven't really done a lot of "in progress" posts, but instead focused on the finished projects. I still am working on finding my "blog voice," but the fact that other people have checked it out and left me such lovely messages just really blows my mind. Thank you, thank you.

PS. If you have kids, here's a related idea. It combines 3 of the (I think) most revolting food items ever (twizzlers, rice krispie treats and fruit roll-ups) but it's ridiculously cute and the kids scarfed them down. I'm thinking it's a must to bring to school on April Fool's Day!


Anonymous kris said...

Hi! I just happened upon your blog and I am already regretting reading it! I think I may spend upwards of $100 buying patterns that you recommended!!! I never saw the Pick up sticks patterns but now I can't wait to get them...must...buy..many!!!

5:23 AM  

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