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Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006--The Year of the Accessories

2006 will probably be remembered as the year of the accessories. After years of mostly sweaters, including many sitting unworn because I never like the fit, I changed my focus. First up: learn to knit socks. As I've said previously, I didn't understand this whole sock knitting obsession. But for me, they are addictive, for 2 reasons. 1. Very portable -- can throw it in my bag when I take the boys to gymnastics or another activity. 2. Lot o' bang for the knitting buck. And for a knitter like me, who's more about process than end-product, that's very satisfying! Knit my first one ever in March, and just kept going. Haven't worn any of them yet! But for the record:

Cherry Tree Hill for me

Lorna's Laces Mineshaft for Dad

Regia some color for R

Koigu for ?

Lorna's Laces Amethyst Stripe for ?

Lisa Souza garnet Conwy Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road

Lorna's Laces Conwy sock in Motherlode for Dub? I'll have to do a separate post about these since the colorway is really beautiful and I made some mods to the pattern

2 pr. Baby socks with Cherry Tree Hill and LL Amethyst Stripe leftovers (these gifted to a friend's new baby girl)

Should also note that I knit 2 half-Jaywalkers, once with the Koigu, and another with some other Lisa Souza that's in the stash. First pair was way too small, second, bigger size and needles, was pooling the yarn rather unattractively. And since the colorway is very beautiful (turquoise, blue purple), I felt another pattern would show it off better.

Sock resolutions for 2007? Make some more for R and my Dad, one for my mom, and maybe actually wear one of the pair myself. Also, move beyond the 2x2 ribbed leg (Conwy was my first start at that) and attempt some other patterns (Jaywalker 3.0?).

2006 was also the year of the scarf, here inspired by this terrific book

Finished scarves in 2006 include:
R's Leftover Cashmerino Striped Birthday Scarf

Leftover Cashmerino Striped Keyhole Muffler (can you tell I had a lot of leftover cashmerino?)

Mom's Lady Eleanor

Vintage Velvet (See an upcoming post for more)

Itchy's Superman Sweater
Forbes Forest Scarf
Malabrigo My So-Called Scarf and Fetchings
RYC Cashsoft DK
Shifting Sands Scarf
Jo Sharp Rosehip Misty Garden

Other knits:
Cashmerino Baby Hat and socks
Linen Handtowels from MDK
Cashmerino Gift Exchange Fetchings
Aiden's Baby Bib o'Love

Started but not quite finished:
Baby Afghan inspired by this in Knit Picks Swish. Review of the yarn so far? Eh. I'll get back to you.

Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket in (shhh! don't tell anyone!) Caron Simply Soft. So far? Verrrry nice for the price, indeed.

Started and not finished (and staring up at me with little guilt-inducing eyes):
Kid-sized Ribby for Ella the Magnificent from some pink and orange Cascade quattro, scored on a closeout.

Another EtheM attempt, this, in Tahki Cotton Classic Color. I even got the perfect finish for it here.

A Ribby"> for me in Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in a very pretty plum and lavender heather.

One little unfinished sushi on this, an adorable kit and would have made a great teacher gift. Don't ask why I still haven't finished this. I. am. lame.

I actually did finish this great bag in chocolate with orange trim, but somehow was trying to finish it so fast I messed up the strap attachment, then felted it. I've never liked how it looked, so I didn't give it to the intended recipient, but I need to figure out how to cut the strap off, reattach, and then re-felt. I made one last year for my grandmother in charcoal gray with fuschia trim, and it was adorable, so I really do need to figure out a way to fix this.

Knitting Resolutions for 2007?
Clear out the UFOs
Project monogamy (within reason, of course)
Try an Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater (maybe experiment with Scratchy's batman sweater)
A Little Lace
Learn how to take a decent picture

That's all for now. Happy and Healthy New Year, all!


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