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Friday, January 26, 2007

Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket...

...or when Hill discovers the joy of AC Moore. In December, we were out at our house in PA for a couple of weeks. Now, I'd brought a number of projects with me, but one day, as we were taking the boys to see this (which they LOVED, by the way!) I noticed an AC Moore in the mall. In NYC, we don't have stores like that or Michael's, so with visions of MDK bibs dancing in my head, I left hubby and the boys in the car "just 5 minutes" and dashed in. Now, I have to admit, I am a total yarn snob. But with a couple of babies on the way, I saw the Caron Simply Soft, and thought, hey, not bad. 4 skeins, Dark Country Blue, Country Blue, Light Country Blue (gotta love those creative names), and Bone. Total cost around $10. Instead of binding off each square, I left the stitches live. For the border, I picked up (or just knit the live stitches) and bound off, then did 2 rows of single crochet and 1 row of backward crochet (shrimp stitch). I think I'm going line the back with fabric to give it a little more polish, then save it for a new nephew due very shortly. By the way, W saw it on the couch, petted it and said, "This is SO soft, Mommy, I want a sweater like this!" This, from the kid with several Cashmerino sweaters in his drawer. Go figure.


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